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The Unwedding Vow

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In Broad Strokes
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 1)

Straitlaced, painfully shy college student Tyler Wilson has finally done his first bold thing—model for a compromising piece of art for the outspoken and impulsive artist Chase Zalinski. He sits through the embarrassing portrait, hoping the bravery he miraculously conjured up to answer the ad will soak into him and he’ll finally find the courage to ask out the beautiful woman on the other side of the canvas.

But his hope of scoring a date with Chase turns to absolute horror when his nude painting is accidentally shipped to the other side of the country, where it awaits exhibition in a national competition.

The pair of broke college students have three days, 2,000 miles, and one road trip to try to prevent the most mortifying moment of Tyler's life. Or he, like his painting, is about to be exposed in a big, big way…

Under a Big Top
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 2)

Dalton Young—ringmaster of the financially strapped Second Galaxy Circus—has a lot on his spinning plates. Broken equipment, injured performers, and investors breathing down his neck threaten to crater everything he’s built. Still, he continues to do it all on his own. Partnerships, after all, always end with someone broke or broken. And he should know—ten years ago, the love of his life never boarded the bus heading toward their mutual dream of performing in the circus.

Penelope Baker—a tame, methodical accountant for a prestigious investment firm—made the mistake of admitting she almost ran off with the circus in her youth, and now her boss has assigned her the bothersome task of auditing their riskiest investment: The Second Galaxy Circus. Taking the job will only remind her of the chaotic road she almost traveled. She decides to do the work as quickly and efficiently as possible so she can get back to her stable and routine life.

Things unravel the moment Dalton and Penelope come face to face with each other and their connected past. She was the girl who never showed, and he was the boy left waiting. Yet, just like the name of his circus, maybe they have a second chance at love under a big top.

The Pinball and Chain
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 3)

Can love become real when the marriage is fake?

Hard-working Canadian expat Amy Bell found her home away from home in America. In a few short years, she’s built up a small pinball arcade into a coast-to-coast franchise, and nothing is going to stop her now.

Nothing, that is, until immigration services comes knocking. The company she hired to get her a green card husband—a lumberjack so handsome he’s almost a cliché—is under investigation, and so are all the marriages they brokered, including Amy’s. She must convince the US government, as well as her new business partners, that she really is married to a man she hasn’t seen in years . . .

Reclusive Victor Sullivan just wants to be left alone with his woodworking tools and his golden retriever on his own private stretch of Wyoming. So when the woman he married sends her lawyer to fetch him, he would return the man empty handed—if not for those pesky F words the attorney uses . . . fines, fraud, and federal prison.

Vic finds himself heading to California. He isn’t disrupting his life just to see that gorgeous, smart, energetic woman again. It’s only to stay out of jail. No other reason. And maybe if he says it enough, he’ll actually believe it.

Some Strings Attached
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 4)

Music and love have at least one thing in common: both can heal a broken heart…


Robyn can sing the birds from the trees and make angels dance on the edge of a guitar pick. What she can't seem to do is say no to the ever-increasing demands of her fans. The pressures of her new super-stardom threaten to drown out her love of music under constant chants of more, more, more. Until, that is, the new tour bus driver catches her eye, and more importantly, her ear. He's got a talent for lyrics, a voice like honey, and a face made for album covers. But he also has a secret that could put an end to their duet before the first chords hit the amp.


Oz has lost his hand, his family’s not-so-lucky guitar, and his desire to ever be around music again. But when his father needs the instrument back for an upcoming anniversary, he has no choice but to hunt it down. In his attempt to steal back his guitar from its new owner, Oz is propelled into a world of touring bands, musical drama, and rock 'n' roll, all led by breakout talent Robyn Arnold. Can he get the guitar back and be free of her magnetic personality? Or is his grandfather's guitar finally proving to be a good luck charm after all?

The Full-Frontier-Ebook.jpg
The Full Frontier
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 5)

Love is written in the stars… and filmed on backlot seventeen.

As the former star of the sci-fi show Starscape, Austin Jericho used to have the world at his feet. Now, he attends conventions on the rare occasions he’s invited, forced to relive his long-gone glory days to keep the lights on. But he’s better than all of this, isn’t he? He’s better than a show and a character that hasn’t aired for more than a decade. Or so he thinks…

Starscape superfan and makeup artist Tawny Sloane is finally going to get the last signature in her book. After all these years, she’s meeting her favorite cast member—Captain Mawle. She’s heard he can be a little “difficult,” but difficult has never stopped her before, and with one more name to collect, she’s not leaving without Austin Jericho’s autograph. But it’s like they say—never meet your heroes.

When a Starscape reboot throws them together—the job of a lifetime for Tawny, a never-ending curse for Austin—it’s up to her to remind him of where he began, and why the show means so much to so many, long after it ended. And if Austin can’t learn to love the thing he’s come to hate, he’ll lose more than just a fan.

A Bigger Bang Theory.jpg
A Bigger Bang Theory
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 6)

There’s more than one star chart for finding love…


Jessica Everly doesn't believe in love, especially after her ex dumped her at a stranger's wedding. As if that wasn't bad enough, they still work in the same astrophysics department. In the four years since their untimely split, she's tried not to rock the boat, but when her ex tries to steal her work, that's where she draws the line. He's going down.


Micah Gene Lin thought astrology was going to be his side-hustle, until it became his only hustle. His floundering PI business never got off the ground. He's about to throw in the towel when he gets an offer from his old alma mater to investigate an academic dispute.


As Gene moves into Jessica's orbit, she resists the urge to open up to a man she doesn't know, much less an unfortunately attractive one who believes in astrology, of all things. She's not interested. Romance isn't worth the trouble. Her research will always come first.


And it will take nothing short of an act of fate to change her mind...

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