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The Heart's Bidding

Kaylee Heart would rather run through a roaring fire than endure even a minute of public speaking. Put in an eighty-hour workweek? No problem. Shut down her grandfather’s gold-digging girlfriend? Easy peasy. Stand in front of an auction crowd and call for bids? Show her the exit.

So she has no idea how Gerald, the golden-voiced auctioneer she’s been crushing on at the local auction house, can find the courage to stand on stage every week, with all those eyes on him. But as cruel fate would have it, she is about to find out. Her family antique shop, the Vintage at Heart, has tripped over one financial hurdle too many and Kay is propelled, full speed, into her biggest phobia—the spotlight.

With terror chasing her, she’ll have to fight to keep the family business from closing forever. Even if the battle takes place in front of a live crowd . . .

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Limelight and Larceny: The Crew-Building Con

These actors are going to steal more than the show.


The Tandem Players love their community theater almost as much as they love the sweet old landlady who gave them a home to perform their plays in over the years. But when she passes away, and the will that was to leave the Broadtown Theater to the acting troupe disappears, they don’t even have time to mourn their loss. Her son comes in like a wrecking ball, brandishing a twenty-year-old will and an ultimatum: leave, or be buried under the rubble when he has the place demolished.


The ragtag group of actors—a street magician, a former stuntwoman, an IT student, an FX specialist, a leading man, and their stage manager—will have to pool their talents and steal the will back. And they’ll have to act fast, because the next wrecking ball that swings in is going to be a real one.

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Wish Hunter
(The Savannah River Series: Book 1)

Nadia Kaminski’s family has stolen wishes for generations, auctioning them off to skeevy business tycoons and politicians in back-alley deals. Their operation is simple enough. Find someone who gained a wish after saving a life. Trick the wisher into sharing a deep secret. Steal the wish.


And as a marriage counselor, Nadia has more access to people’s secrets than most.

But when Nadia comes across the perfect opportunity to steal a wish for herself, she takes it—and the rock star she’s stolen it from desperately wants his wish back.

As Nadia tries to figure out how to get rid of the cocky thorn in her side, she must face off against vengeful wish hunters, her all-too-powerful family, and the consequences of her own desires—because stealing wishes can be a deadly affair.

Wish Taker
(The Savannah River Series: Book 2)

Be careful what they make you wish for . . .

Nadia is on the Wishmaster’s bad side, which means she’s been given a nearly impossible mission: steal a potent wish from actor and notorious loner Ethan Lovell. While Nadia is no stranger to stealing wishes from celebrities, she’s admittedly grateful to team up with rock star Miles Hunter, who has gone from adversary to ally. Once she completes this job, she’ll have the wish she needs to find out the truth behind her husband’s murder—and maybe how to bring him back.

However, Nadia and Miles aren’t the only ones vying for Ethan’s wish. Another enemy from the wishing world is also on the hunt, and he’ll go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.

What’s worse, the Wishmaster's increasing paranoia is making her more dangerous than ever. Nadia fears something is rotten in Savannah, especially once she discovers that the Wishmaster intends to use Ethan’s wish for herself—a wish so powerful that whoever spends it could change the wishing world forever.

As Nadia tries to decipher the Wishmaster’s plans before it’s too late, things with Miles grow even more complicated, and Nadia fears that the choices she’ll have to make will tear her apart.

In-Broad-Strokes -2021-Web-Medium.jpg
In Broad Strokes
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 1)

Straitlaced, painfully shy college student Tyler Wilson has finally done his first bold thing—model for a compromising piece of art for the outspoken and impulsive artist Chase Zalinski. He sits through the embarrassing portrait, hoping the bravery he miraculously conjured up to answer the ad will soak into him and he’ll finally find the courage to ask out the beautiful woman on the other side of the canvas.

But his hope of scoring a date with Chase turns to absolute horror when his nude painting is accidentally shipped to the other side of the country, where it awaits exhibition in a national competition.

The pair of broke college students have three days, 2,000 miles, and one road trip to try to prevent the most mortifying moment of Tyler's life. Or he, like his painting, is about to be exposed in a big, big way…

Under a Big Top
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 2)

Dalton Young—ringmaster of the financially strapped Second Galaxy Circus—has a lot on his spinning plates. Broken equipment, injured performers, and investors breathing down his neck threaten to crater everything he’s built. Still, he continues to do it all on his own. Partnerships, after all, always end with someone broke or broken. And he should know—ten years ago, the love of his life never boarded the bus heading toward their mutual dream of performing in the circus.

Penelope Baker—a tame, methodical accountant for a prestigious investment firm—made the mistake of admitting she almost ran off with the circus in her youth, and now her boss has assigned her the bothersome task of auditing their riskiest investment: The Second Galaxy Circus. Taking the job will only remind her of the chaotic road she almost traveled. She decides to do the work as quickly and efficiently as possible so she can get back to her stable and routine life.

Things unravel the moment Dalton and Penelope come face to face with each other and their connected past. She was the girl who never showed, and he was the boy left waiting. Yet, just like the name of his circus, maybe they have a second chance at love under a big top.

The Pinball and Chain
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 3)

Can love become real when the marriage is fake?

Hard-working Canadian expat Amy Bell found her home away from home in America. In a few short years, she’s built up a small pinball arcade into a coast-to-coast franchise, and nothing is going to stop her now.

Nothing, that is, until immigration services comes knocking. The company she hired to get her a green card husband—a lumberjack so handsome he’s almost a cliché—is under investigation, and so are all the marriages they brokered, including Amy’s. She must convince the US government, as well as her new business partners, that she really is married to a man she hasn’t seen in years . . .

Reclusive Victor Sullivan just wants to be left alone with his woodworking tools and his golden retriever on his own private stretch of Wyoming. So when the woman he married sends her lawyer to fetch him, he would return the man empty handed—if not for those pesky F words the attorney uses . . . fines, fraud, and federal prison.

Vic finds himself heading to California. He isn’t disrupting his life just to see that gorgeous, smart, energetic woman again. It’s only to stay out of jail. No other reason. And maybe if he says it enough, he’ll actually believe it.

Some Strings Attached
(The Unwedding Vow: Book 4)

Music and love have at least one thing in common: both can heal a broken heart…


Robyn can sing the birds from the trees and make angels dance on the edge of a guitar pick. What she can't seem to do is say no to the ever-increasing demands of her fans. The pressures of her new super-stardom threaten to drown out her love of music under constant chants of more, more, more. Until, that is, the new tour bus driver catches her eye, and more importantly, her ear. He's got a talent for lyrics, a voice like honey, and a face made for album covers. But he also has a secret that could put an end to their duet before the first chords hit the amp.


Oz has lost his hand, his family’s not-so-lucky guitar, and his desire to ever be around music again. But when his father needs the instrument back for an upcoming anniversary, he has no choice but to hunt it down. In his attempt to steal back his guitar from its new owner, Oz is propelled into a world of touring bands, musical drama, and rock 'n' roll, all led by breakout talent Robyn Arnold. Can he get the guitar back and be free of her magnetic personality? Or is his grandfather's guitar finally proving to be a good luck charm after all?

Unbound Life
(The Cast-Offs: Book 1)

Mina must kill her best friend...

. . . if she wants to save his life.

Worse, he has to let her.

Darcon and Mina, the two worst acolytes at the temple observatory of Celestriona, can only rely on each other. Her presence is a salve for his furious emotions and his the only light against the dark terrors that haunt her.

Together, they compete against the other initiates in desperate hopes of becoming one of the rare guardians of the heavens: a Celestial dragon. Each evening, it’s martial training as the sun sets, followed by studying the divine magics and hours observing the weaving patterns within the constellations.

They struggle to follow the paths laid out for them, as each academic competition, each magical test, and each fight amongst the acolytes pushes the pair closer to expulsion from the temple where life outside the sheltering walls means failure for Darcon and starvation for Mina.

Their delicate equilibrium is destroyed when a magic-wielding stranger arrives with a message that threatens to separate the young initiates from their mountaintop home. They soon find themselves struggling to not only keep their place at the temple but fighting to save their very lives—a mystical battle that will destroy their beliefs and compel them to pierce the veil of death itself.

Mina of Misfortunes.jpg
Mina of Misfortunes
(The Cast-Offs: Book 2)

It was only a matter of time before the Conjury finally caught up to Mina. Even as she is arrested by the investigators, who make it their life work to capture Cast-Offs, Mina’s only relief is they didn’t get her partner as well. But even that satisfaction doesn’t last as she is quickly swept up into a series of misadventures that drags her farther and farther from her friend with each passing moment.

Mina’s only goal is escape, but that seems all but impossible now that she is under the eye of the newest Conjury member, Nakoah—whose own power is to steal away the magic of others. Without the connection to her divine benefactor, Mina must find a way to escape and track down her companion, Darcon, with just her wits, or the self-same Conjury members will capture him next and do everything they can to exploit the pair’s otherworldly powers.

Darcon of Dawns
(The Cast-Offs: Book 3)

Six months after his escape, Darcon is in more trouble than ever. He’s still on the run from the Conjury, a magic-controlling organization with big plans for his mystical affliction. His only friend, Mina, has been arrested, and he’s lost in the dangerous city of Eberus with no memories of where he is and why he’s there.

Enter the Dock Dollies, an all-lady group of street thugs that kidnap men and sell them to outbound cargo ships. The captains get extra crew, the Dollies get some much needed coin, and the vile men they capture get taken far away from the city the women call home. Taking advantage of the confused fugitive, Darcon, might be the easiest coin the women have ever earned… but selling him becomes secondary once they realize they can exploit his perilous curse.

A few crimes later, the Dock Dollies find they’ve bitten off more than they can chew when they steal from the city’s biggest gang leader. Now they must decide to either cut Darcon loose or get swept up in a deadly tug-of-war . . .

Viet of Vows
(A novella in the world of Heavenfall)

Nearly a decade before the events of Unbound Life, Harrow and her partner are on the trail of a thieving conman—a gentleman who seems to have an almost magical way of making people believe his every word.

The chase pulls them from city to city, from underworld crime lairs to the library rooms of the rich and powerful. They must navigate dangers both physical and political, all while going after a man who can weave lies like a rug-maker on a loom.

But they’re not the only ones looking for the criminal. His multitude of victims are close on his heels—some rich, some powerful, some with nothing left to lose—and they are not seeking something as mundane as legal justice.

The pair of Conjury investigators struggle to stay one step ahead of the forces that are hungry for their own revenge against the wanted man, all while he manages to stay one step ahead of everyone. As the situation grows dire, Harrow must decide between willingly defending a conman or sacrificing her own moral code—at the cost of her career and perhaps her very life.

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