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A ROmance in Oz

What if the Wizard of Oz was a romance? Come with us as we explore romantic
versions of the fairy tales of old (with an Ozian spin.) D
orothy, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White, all retold in new and interesting ways...
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Into a Wicked World

Lions, and tigers, and an emotionally unavailable woodsman, oh my!

When Dorothy Gale said she wanted to get as far away from her narcissistic mother as she possibly could, she didn’t mean an entirely new world altogether. Mystically transported to the Land of Oz, the Kansas college student must navigate the dangers of angry trees, poisonous poppies, and wicked witches, all on her quest to find the Wizard who might be able to get her home.

It doesn’t take Dorothy long to assemble a group of unlikely allies—including a talkative-yet-naïve scarecrow, a princely lionman, and a woodsman whose looks are as sharp as the magical axe on his hip. But when the seemingly cold-hearted woodsman helping Dorothy find the fabled Emerald City begins to warm her own heart, she starts wanting more than just a return trip to Kansas.

Enchanted by a curse that has earned him the nickname Tinman, Nick Chopper just wants to live his lonely life safe in the Blue Forest with the nonjudgmental Fighting Trees and the occasional trip into town for some Munchkin desserts. But his routine is about to be blown away when Glinda the Good orders him to escort a whirlwind of a woman, who has just flown in from a faraway land, to the bustling Emerald City.

Every moment with Dorothy makes his curse harder and harder to bear. But being around her starts to feel worth the pain, and Nick slowly begins to hope Dorothy can see that home is where the tin heart is…

Under an Emerald Spell

She's the woman, behind the man, behind the curtain...

Join us for another tale in A Romance in Oz. One part Cinderella, one part You've Got Mail, all parts Oz. 

Glinda the Good and the Wizard of Oz are heading for a romantic collision that might leave all of Emerald City roiling in their wake.

Pre-order your copy now!.

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