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Wish hunter 
Book 1 of the savannah river series
A dark urban fantasy trilogy filled with magic, mystery, and mayhem

Nadia Kaminski’s family has stolen wishes for generations, auctioning them off to skeevy business tycoons and politicians in back-alley deals. Their operation is simple enough. Find someone who gained a wish after saving a life. Trick the wisher into sharing a deep secret. Steal the wish.


And as a marriage counselor, Nadia has more access to people’s secrets than most.

But when Nadia comes across the perfect opportunity to steal a wish for herself, she takes it—and the rock star she’s stolen it from desperately wants his wish back.

As Nadia tries to figure out how to get rid of the cocky thorn in her side, she must face off against vengeful wish hunters, her all-too-powerful family, and the consequences of her own desires—because stealing wishes can be a deadly affair.

Wish Taker 
Book 2 of the savannah river series
A dark urban fantasy trilogy filled with magic, mystery, and mayhem

Be careful what they make you wish for . . .

Nadia is on the Wishmaster’s bad side, which means she’s been given a nearly impossible mission: steal a potent wish from actor and notorious loner Ethan Lovell. While Nadia is no stranger to stealing wishes from celebrities, she’s admittedly grateful to team up with rock star Miles Hunter, who has gone from adversary to ally. Once she completes this job, she’ll have the wish she needs to find out the truth behind her husband’s murder—and maybe how to bring him back.

However, Nadia and Miles aren’t the only ones vying for Ethan’s wish. Another enemy from the wishing world is also on the hunt, and he’ll go to extreme lengths to get what he wants.

What’s worse, the Wishmaster's increasing paranoia is making her more dangerous than ever. Nadia fears something is rotten in Savannah, especially once she discovers that the Wishmaster intends to use Ethan’s wish for herself—a wish so powerful that whoever spends it could change the wishing world forever.

As Nadia tries to decipher the Wishmaster’s plans before it’s too late, things with Miles grow even more complicated, and Nadia fears that the choices she’ll have to make will tear her apart.

Content note: spousal death, gun violence

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What readers are saying . . .

"The premise of the story is unique and intriguing. The characters, the world-building, and the theme of wish hunting is noteworthy and compelling. It's a fast-paced, plot-driven story full of mysteries and revelations."

- Rain Reads

"This was such a fun book. It was non-stop action. The author did an excellent job weaving this fascinating and unique world. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next with the storyline. I highly recommend this to anyone with a love of fantasy fiction."


- Sherri on Goodreads

"I enjoyed this book from the beginning until the end. The Kaminski family is intriguing. Miles is a wonderful counterpoint and ally. There are so many twists and turns to the story that it keeps you wanting to know more. There are so many underlying mysteries woven into the main story!
What a great beginning to a series!"


- Christi on Goodreads

"i would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new and imaginative fantasy novel to read! in the meantime, i will be waiting excitedly for the sequel!"

-  emmyxreads book blog

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