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The Heart's Bidding
A family drama featuring A heaping
spoonful of sweet romance and humor

Kaylee Heart would rather run through a roaring fire than endure even a minute of public speaking. Put in an eighty-hour workweek? No problem. Shut down her grandfather’s gold-digging girlfriend? Easy peasy. Stand in front of an auction crowd and call for bids? Show her the exit.

So she has no idea how Gerald, the golden-voiced auctioneer she’s been crushing on at the local auction house, can find the courage to stand on stage every week, with all those eyes on him. But as cruel fate would have it, she is about to find out.
Her family antique shop, the Vintage at Heart, has tripped over one financial hurdle too many and Kay is propelled, full speed, into her biggest phobia—the spotlight.

With terror chasing her, she’ll have to fight to keep the family business from closing forever. Even if the battle takes place in front of a live crowd . . . 

Listen to the first chapter below,

narrated by Xe Sands!

The Heart's Bidding: Chapter 1Read by Xe Sands
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What readers are saying . . .

"Swan presents a wholesome romance between two adults just trying to find their places in the world. The real selling point for this novel is the characterization, as both the main and secondary players feel true to life. Kay, in particular, is fully believable and relatable as a college dropout doing her best to get by without losing herself in the process.

A light, leisurely novel with a wholesome love story."

- Kirkus Reviews

"The Heart's Bidding is such a fun romantic comedy. From the moment I started reading, I connected with Kaylee. Her crush on the smooth-talking Gerald plus all her other innermost thoughts had me laughing out loud. The sparring between the hero and heroine is witty, charming, and simply wonderful to read. The light-hearted humor expressed by many of the characters uplifted my heart. The romance itself bloomed slowly and I found myself falling in love with Gerald, too. The writing style is sublime with equal parts humor, romance, enduring the pitfalls of life, and overcoming fears. I loved this debut romance by Jordan Riley Swan. Highly recommend!"


- N. N. Light's Book Heaven

"What a beautiful novel! The Heart's Bidding is a slow burn romance novel that surely gets you out of a book slump! Even though this is a clean no smut romance, it is an extremely enjoyable read.

There are so many moments where you go *𝘴𝘸𝘰𝘰𝘯 𝘴𝘸𝘰𝘰𝘯 𝘴𝘸𝘰𝘰𝘯*
Excellent writing, amazing characters and one heck of a plot.
There's no doubt that I will be going back to this one!"


- Cruel Existence Books on Instagram

"This book is so, so good! The way this author writes is so fun and witty the book just flows and to say it is a page turner is to insinuate you’re aware you’re turning the page. Just please take my word for it when I say this will be the fastest and funniest read you’ll read this month if not this year."

-  Janalyn Prude, Goodreads Reviewer

"This book is a lovely mix of modern life and odd whimsical moments. A slow burn developing romance, barely a kiss exchanged, no sex, occasional fun dialogue, family drama, wrapped in sharp observations and some lovely descriptive moments."

- Goodreads Reviewer

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