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Writing a collaborative novel can be a fun and exciting adventure—with the right creative partner. I was lucky enough to have Hero Bowen as my co-author on Limelight & Larceny. In this interview, we talk about our collaborative process, along with the benefits and challenges of co-writing a story.

If you try to wear too many hats at once, you’ll probably find that your neck can’t bear the weight. But as a full-time freelance editor, fiction writer, and YouTuber, Diane Callahan, a.k.a. Quotidian Writer, tries to balance these roles in her daily life. In this interview, I ask her all about that balancing act and her writing routines.

The BookTube and AuthorTube community is growing all the time—and Diane Callahan, with her YouTube channel Quotidian Writer, is one of those voices. On her channel, she’s covered popular writing topics like “How to Show, Not Tell” and “How to Write a Good First Line,” using visuals and voiceover to deliver writing lessons. In this interview, I take a peek behind the curtain of how Diane’s videos are made!

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