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HOLY SMOKES! After a year of hard work and countless rounds of editing, it’s finally release week for Wish Hunter! Now, this book isn’t your typical urban fantasy novel—there aren’t any vampires or werewolves or instalove romances (as much as I sometimes enjoy those tropes). What you’ll find in these pages is the mysterious underground world of buying and selling wishes.

Would you wish for immortality? The ability to speak any language? The power to read all of the books in your towering TBR stack? What someone wishes for can tell you a lot about a person, but don’t take it from me… Read Wish Hunter to uncover what wishes you could make, if you know the tricks of the wish-hunting trade.

Wish Hunter is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback and ebook, with an audiobook arriving later this summer!

What reviewers have been saying on Goodreads:

“Wish Hunter has a fascinating, twisty-turny plot, lots of fun, a great sense of place, and a ton of heart and mystery.”

“This was such a fun book. It was non-stop action. The author did an excellent job weaving this fascinating and unique world. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next with the storyline.”

“The characters are well-developed, the pacing is great, and the many revelations are surprising. Plus, that ending!! The cliffhanger is fantastic and makes me eager for the next book in the series!”

Watch the book trailer over on the Story Garden Publishing YouTube channel:

It’s pretty common for writers to use pen names to build their author brand. In this video, Hero Bowen and I share the stories behind our enigmatic pseudonyms, as well as tips for other authors hankering to choose a good pen name.

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