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The Dragoncoat Chronicles

It's the Roaring Twenties—speakeasies are around every corner, jazz is burning up Harlem, and the dragon population is booming. But it's a lonely job for the brave Coat Wardens who patrol the skies of the Eastern Americas, as love is even harder to hold on to than the dragons they fly...
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The Stone Dragon and the Moonshine Molly

It ain’t easy, running a speakeasy, in the dragon roaring '20s.

Argyle Galloway always follows the rules, no matter the outcome. Without law and order to guide the Dragoncoat riders, the monsters and bugs swarming the Eastern Americas would destroy civilization. But when his dragon starts to shed its scales at the most inopportune time, he must hole up in a notorious speakeasy. The by-the-book Argyle is trying his best to keep on the straight and narrow. Yet he can’t resist the beautiful barkeep who pulls him deeper and deeper into the lawless realm of gangsters and rumrunners—even though she seems more dangerous than the dragon he rides…

Molly Walker wasn’t supposed to follow in her father’s criminal footsteps, but when he dies suddenly, she’s forced to take over his speakeasy or find herself living on the streets. She only intends to work the bar until she can find a buyer for it. Things spiral quickly out of control as clues surface, hinting that the robbery in which her father died might have been premeditated murder. Molly finds herself needing help from the stick-in-the-mud Argyle to solve the mystery, but she doesn’t know which is harder to do: figure out who killed her father while running his illegal bar, or keep herself from falling in love with the stranger who thinks she’s the biggest criminal of them all.

The Wrong Dragon
for the Wright Brother

Why fly a machine when you could ride a dragon?

The government told them that mechanical fixed wing flight was impossible. Not for lack of technology or ingenuity, but because anything that gets into the skies better be faster or tougher than the monsters that rule the air.

The Wright brothers ignored those warnings and got the first airplane off the ground for seven seconds. But as one of the terrible creatures tore it from the sky, they found they should have listened. Decades later, Wilbur Wright’s son Raymond is going to pick up where his father left off. He’s going to get the machine flying again—even if it kills him.

Cici’s only dream was to be a dragon rider. She worked harder than any other cadet to get there, and now, having finally graduated from the academy, she wants nothing more than to patrol the skies and protect the people as a member of the airborne elite. But when the government assigns her to babysit the crackpot who thinks he can replace the powerful dragons with man-made machines, Cici finds she might be out of a job before she even gets started.

And when they discover an insidious threat even greater than man-eating monsters, Raymond and Cici will find that far more than their dreams of flight, fledgling careers, and budding romance are at stake.

The Silver Dragon of Tinseltown

What better place for a silver dragon than the silver screen?

Being a dragon rider has a lot of privileges, but longevity isn’t one of them. If the jocust beetles or the whiptail wyverns or a long fall from a great height didn't get them, the clock always would. The last thing Oscar Merrick wants is to delay his government-mandated retirement, but when his friend Jimmy comes to him with an outrageous idea to make the first talkie with an actual dragon in it, Oscar can’t resist his friend’s starry-eyed pleading or his dragoncoat’s bubbling excitement. After all, a few weeks’ delay in Baltimore before heading to the mines of West Virginia won’t be the end of the world, right?

With the entertainment industry shifting from movies to talkies, silver screen star Scarlett Owens can no longer hide her deep voice or her Appalachian accent. Dropped by her agent and faced with retirement, Scarlett jumps at the chance to act in a new talkie—even if the crazy director wants her to star alongside a frightfully scary metal dragon.

Once on set, Oscar and Scarlett find themselves pushed together in ways they never expected—and not minding it nearly as much as each would have thought. Can the duo produce a successful talkie, and also use it to keep them both from their all-too-early retirements? Or will industry jealousies and salacious secrets from their pasts force them apart forever?

The Ink Dragon and the Art of Flight 

Secrets aren’t made for the shadows. They’re made for full-color comic panels.

Former Coat Warden and now-reclusive comic book artist David Felman has a secret, one he’s poised to reveal to the world—if only he can dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and shade the last few claws. David’s time on dragon back has him perfectly situated to reveal some of the horrors the government would rather the public not know about their dealings with the winged creatures.

Jade Atallah has always wanted one thing: to do her family proud by becoming a Coat Warden. Having passed all the tests and made it into the elite Blacking Program, paired with her black-scaled dragon Night Armor, she thinks she’s done just that. But when her assignment to tail a certain artist results in gaining unsavory knowledge about the program she works for, everything she knows is called into question.

With the fate of her own dragon hanging in the balance, along with the many others who are part of the Blackwing Program, Jade must team up with David to make sure the truth comes to light. And they must do so quickly, before the government manages to silence them for good.

The Gold Dragon
and the Pauper's Christmas

During the holiday season, the tinkling of gold and diamond sleigh bells might really be the ringing of dragon laughter…

Situated near a London still recovering from the effects of the Great War—and still recovering from those consequences himself—Gabriel Dupont wants nothing more than to quietly live his life in obscurity. He doesn’t want the back-breaking responsibility of an aging dragoncoat with a death wish, a spoiled French nobleman with an ego the size of Paris, or the memories of his own wartime sacrifices lingering in his mind. And he definitely doesn’t want the complications of a fiery American heiress arriving just in time to throw Christmas into chaos.

There’s plenty Marie-Valentine Argent doesn’t want in her life, either, starting with her arranged marriage to Jacques Richeaux IV, whose obliviousness to the struggling city around him frankly astounds Marie. But despite being thousands of miles from her home and alone in a foreign land, she’s determined to endure her duty and bring Christmas cheer to the dreary London countryside. And if that places her closer to Gabriel and his ill-tempered dragoncoat friend, well, she can’t complain too much.

But as the two bond over their mutual dislike of Jacques and their shared goal of bringing each other out of a shell of past secrets, they realize they may be playing a dangerous game that could result in more than simply feelings getting hurt…

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