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It’s pretty common for writers to use pen names to build their author brand. In this video, Hero Bowen and I share the stories behind our enigmatic pseudonyms, as well as tips for other authors hankering to choose a good pen name.

If theater and fiction writing are bedfellows, then my novel Limelight & Larceny is their lovechild. This video explores the quirky world behind the curtain. You can learn all about what "corpsing" means in my interview alongside my coconspirator (and coauthor) Hero Bowen, who's also an actress for stage and screen. She shares one of her most memorable experiences onstage—it involves being doused in blooood.

Writing a collaborative novel can be a fun and exciting adventure—with the right creative partner. I was lucky enough to have Hero Bowen as my co-author on Limelight & Larceny. In this interview, we talk about our collaborative process, along with the benefits and challenges of co-writing a story.

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