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Through an Emerald Gale 
Book 1 of A Snowfall in Oz
An Imaginative retelling of the classic Ozian story with a snow white twist

The Wicked Witch and the Evil Queen are at war, and the Land of Oz may not survive the battle…

When Dorothy Gale is swept into the wild world of Oz, the Wicked Witch takes her hostage and places a curse on her cousin—one that can only be broken if Dorothy completes a quest for the heartless green hag. Dorothy quickly finds she’ll need more than her wits to stay alive. She partners with three unlikely allies: a know-it-all walking bag of straw, a lion-man who seems more mouse than monster, and a metal-armed teenager whose smart-aleck mouth is almost a match for Dorothy’s own. She’ll have to turn them into a well-oiled machine if they’re going to contend with not only the oddities of Oz, but the agents of the infamous Evil Queen as well.

Camellia Snow has lived as a handmaiden under the Evil Queen for as long as she can remember. She tends to the queen’s hair, serves her food, and lives a life of trapped servitude. Until, that is, the young prince takes notice of Cami and sweeps her off her feet in a clandestine romance—one that comes to a brutal end as the maiden celebrates her sixteenth birthday with true love’s first kiss, a betrayal, and a trip to a glass coffin. Cami should be heartbroken that her love was wasted on the selfish prince, but it turns out that in Oz, worse things can happen to your heart than it breaking.

The two young heroines are on an explosive collision course. Will they end up deadly enemies or powerful allies? The fate of Oz hinges on the answer…

What readers are saying . . .

"An epic collision of magic and royalty in the whimsical land of Oz, Swan’s dextrous and deliciously clever pen makes this darkly entertaining story come to shimmering life with vivid scene-setting and an unpredictable storyline. Deftly melding a fantastical tale without losing timeless lessons on loyalty, love, and the power of language, this is a brilliant remix from a wickedly sharp writer, paying homage to the classic books while taking the story in an enthralling new direction."

- Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★★

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