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It's Finally Here!!! The Kirkus Review Hath Arrived!

I was happy to open my inbox this morning and find a hot-off-the-press Kirkus Review for The Heart's Bidding! You don't know how freakin' amazing it feels to have a professional reviewer compliment my characterization after YEARS of critique partners telling me I had flat characters. I tried to focus on that aspect when writing this novel, and all the blood, sweat, and tears really paid off.

Here's a sneak peek of the review:

"Swan presents a wholesome romance between two adults just trying to find their places in the world. The real selling point for this novel is the characterization, as both the main and secondary players feel true to life. Kay, in particular, is fully believable and relatable as a college dropout doing her best to get by without losing herself in the process . . .
A light, leisurely novel with a wholesome love story."

I've also been a busy bee on my whirlwind book blog tour with so many amazing guys and gals. Huge thanks to Silver Dagger Book Tours for kicking off the event and to N. N. Light for a thoughtful five-star review, especially the part about how "the writing style is sublime with equal parts humor, romance, enduring the pitfalls of life, and overcoming fears."

You can read more of my juicy, tell-all interviews with Mel's Shelves and Find Your Next Reading.

And of course I've got to tip my hat to Laurie Cooper over at Pub-Craft for being my incredible marketing manager from the great place up north. She's officially earned at least 99.5% of my trust.

Stay tuned for a big announcement in the next few weeks . . .

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